About Pedal Plan

Pedal Plan is a bike subscription service that enables your child to enjoy riding an amazing bike, without the hefty price tag. Instead, you just pay a low monthly fee! We really want to inspire kids to love cycling. And we know that riding a lightweight, well-designed bike makes cycling so much easier and more enjoyable. We also know that such bikes come with a higher price-tag, making things expensive as your child keeps growing and needing a bigger bike.

Pedal Plan solves this problem. With low monthly payments and no strings attached, Pedal Plan removes any financial barriers to enjoying fantastic bikes and is great for the environment as our pre-loved bikes continue on as ReBikes!

If you would like to get in touch with us, our contact details can be found here.

Our Team

Andrew Fowles, CEO

Andrew is a Chartered Insurer and previously served as the President & Chief Underwriting Officer of Canopius US in Chicago as well as various insurance positions within the Lloyd's of London market place. Andrew has worked closely with the DE Dept of Insurance, National Association of Insurance Commissionaires and various rating agencies.

Gareth Lippiatt, Director

Holds a sports degree from Loughborough and an MBA from Cambridge. Previously built and sold a children's physical activity franchise. Former Chair of UK Active Kids, the sectors trade association.

Matthew Bishop, Advisor

Matthew is a fellow of the Chartered Accountants Association having qualified in 2005. Most recently working in insurance he held the position of Finance Director for Canopius Managing Agency (SMF2 under the FCA approved persons regime), which managed Lloyd's syndicates with premiums of over $2bn per year.